Thursday, December 6, 2007

Strange Staples

What a weird mail experience. I placed a $6 order (3 clearance items) from Staples with free shipping. So yesterday morning I get a message saying "your order will be a day later than we hoped". Two hours later the huge box shown above was delivered to my side door. In front of the box is what was inside.

Yes, that box of mini pens. In that HUGE box.

An hour after that, the small box was delivered to the side door, containing the two items shown in front.


I mean, it was free shipping, so I shouldn't even care. But I do, because it just bugs me. And what was with the phone call?

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  1. That is so funny that they would send it in such a big box...unless the weight is the only thing that matters then the box size doesn't matter and they can use what box they want! FUNNY!


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