Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cue the music....

In keeping with the blog tradition
of my one hundredth post,
I am posting my 100 Things About Me.

  • 1. I was born in Somerset, Pennsylvania.
  • 2. Once I get an idea about something, I obsess over it and gather so much information that it makes my head spin.
  • 3. I am really bothered by typos.
  • 4. I traveled out of the country for the first time in 2006.
  • 5. My husband is a teacher.
  • 6. My favorite day of the week is Monday.
  • 7. My favorite season is Autumn, followed closely by Spring.
  • 8. I hate driving.
  • 9. I am too ticklish to make it through a pedicure.
  • 10. I love doing laundry.
  • 11. I love mushy baby faces.
  • 12. I love snow and not having to go anywhere.
  • 13. I wish I had never stopped piano lessons.
  • 14. I was forbidden to chew gum when I was younger and now that I can, I don't like it.
  • 15. I think Gatorade is yucky.
  • 16. I used to work for a doctor.
  • 17. I know how to draw blood for tests and used to be very good at it.
  • 18. I have a dimple in my back from incomplete Spina Bifida.
  • 19. I am terrible at learning the lyrics of songs on the radio.
  • 20. I married my husband in 1996.
  • 21. I love to sleep where it's cold.
  • 22. I have three boys and a girl. In that order.
  • 23. I love flowers.
  • 24. I love the smell of clean laundry but NOT laundry dried outside.
  • 25. I love to bake bread.
  • 26. My favorite brands are Tide and Jif.
  • 27. My husband and I are absolute best friends and totally compatible.
  • 28. I really don’t like emptying the dishwasher.
  • 29. I love to do crafts.
  • 30. I have never eaten a sandwich with a tomato.
  • 31. I love music loud.
  • 32. It makes me dance and feel like cleaning.
  • 33. I went to Brigham Young University and UVSC.
  • 34. I love my mom’s roast and fillin’ balls.
  • 35. I don’t like frilly dresses.
  • 36. I loved the smell of my grandmother’s house.
  • 37. When my kids are grown, I want to go to cooking school.
  • 38. When I was young, I wanted to be a doctor. Specifically a pediatrician.
  • 39. I took French for three years.
  • 40. I enjoy teaching in church.
  • 41. I love milk chocolate.
  • 42. I can’t stand Mickey Mouse.
  • 43. I own a minivan.
  • 44. I got a second ear piercing twice when I was in college. It grew back both times.
  • 45. I have almost always had a pet cat.
  • 46. I don't like my back being scratched or rubbed. Especially in labor.
  • 47. I sleep on the left side of the bed, but either is ok with me.
  • 48. I go to the home improvement store for fun!
  • 49. My favorite “pet” ever was having our fish tank and I miss it terribly.
  • 50. I have never been to California.
  • 51. I LOVE college football on Saturdays.
  • 52. I love having a centerpiece on my table.
  • 53. I don't like crowds.
  • 54. I LOVE cheese. Especially medium cheddar.
  • 55. I want to ride in a hot air balloon before I die.
  • 56. I love the feeling of sand between my toes.
  • 57. I would rather have a few close friends than many acquaintances.
  • 58. I had three of my children completely naturally.
  • 59. But with the last one I had medication AND a c-section.
  • 60. I wear contact lenses.
  • 61. I hate dealing with bone-in chicken.
  • 62. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • 63. A clean house makes me positively giddy.
  • 64. Sometimes I read magazines from back to front.
  • 65. One of my first jobs was as a grocery store cashier.
  • 66. I love to read books, but rarely find the time.
  • 67. I love TV shows on DVD. Especially Mad About You & ER.
  • 68. I love yard sales and thrift shops.
  • 69. I got a stick shift car on my 17th birthday and didn’t know how to drive it.
  • 70. I'm an oldest child.
  • 71. I’ve lived in the same place for 11 years and still won’t drink the tap water.
  • 72. I was in a Columbia/Tri-Star movie (WIND)
  • 73. I'm a pretty good listener.
  • 74. The concept of eternity baffles me.
  • 75. On a sky ride I freak out about my shoes possibly falling off.
  • 76. I love studying and reading mundane things.
  • 77. I really admire parents who have had to deal with the loss of a child.
  • 78. I have little memory of movies after I watch them.
  • 79. I love thunderstorms.
  • 80. I love big old houses with porches and lots of windows.
  • 81. I love the beauty of simple clean lines.
  • 82. I don't like clutter; it is distracting to me. But I battle it all around me everyday.
  • 83. I wish I had nice hands.
  • 84. I hate “doing” my hair. I always air dry and rarely curl it.
  • 85. I don't like wearing socks.
  • 86. I love wearing brown but it doesn't compliment my skin tone.
  • 87. I have a passion for the American flag and treating it properly.
  • 88. I am paranoid about running out of something so I always stock up.
  • 89. I like background noise.
  • 90. I really enjoy Jazz basketball.
  • 91. I love 80's music.
  • 92. I love earrings.
  • 93. My favorite movie is A Few Good Men.
  • 94. I don't like going back to the same restaurants. I love to try new ones.
  • 95. My hubby and I love playing Air Hockey together.
  • 96. My very first job was as a newspaper carrier.
  • 97. I can never resist a good cookbook.
  • 98. I love taking pictures!
  • 99. Technology blows me away.
  • 100. I love the creative outlet known as blogging!!


  1. Why is your favorite day of the week monday? I learned new things about you!!!

  2. Because I can reign in the chaos and start new. The beginning of each week is very refreshing to me.

  3. Thanks for your fun list! It is so much fun to get to know a person better through their blogging. I really admire your celebration of small things (Ashley is really good at this too) Often we get caught up in this crazy world and forget to stop and notice all the little blessings around us. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That was fun to read. There's some that are totally me too. (I had two second piercings in college and both grew in too). So cool to learn new things.

  5. You know what is funny when I look at a post like this I usually think oh no 100 things to have to read that will take so long. But I decided to read it anyway and it is funny how much you learn about a person (Does your husband have this list cause I can print him off one if you would like ;)) It is also funny to see some of the things that it made me think about myself. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I didnt know you dont like your Back scratched...who knew.
    I still think your ready for knights and cities.lol!

  7. I didn't check your blog for like 48 hours and had a lot to catch up on! Congrats on your 100th post.


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