Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm drowning!

Do you ever whine about something because the system is just not working for you, then have Prince Charming come along with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm and do all this work and change the very thing you whined about and now you don't know if you are any happier?

You see...

Because we decided to do this:

I am left with wondering what to do with this:

I have had sudden streaks of brilliance over the last few weeks (yeah right) and I have been really frustrated that I have no craft/scrap area I can work in. Every time I want to scrapbook or make cards I have to haul out all my stuff and make a mess, blah blah blah. I know, poor me. We had the space; it just wasn't being used right. It dawned on us that the computer was in the hall where we have the huge desk and all the scrap stuff is thrown in the corner of the family room and piled all over the small desk you can't see anyway. So hubs got busy on Labor Day afternoon and ran the phone line downstairs, and drilled and drilled and moved and hooked up and cleaned.

I enjoy the new computer spot. Still getting used to being down in the corner, but I think I like it. Turns out I am spending 1000% more time down here, as it used to be the "kid spot" and ignored a LOT. But now it is clean (well, two days so far) and organized (thanks to Strider, not me) and I can "play" with my stuff alongside the kids.

But the upstairs is depressing! I have not had the time yet to organize all my billion supplies, and it wasn't even cleaned before the switchover, so I have dreams of scrapping up a storm, but that storm seems very far away.

Any tips on totally rearranging a brand new space that I'm spoiled with but too grumpy to tackle?

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  1. get NEW stuff to help the organization and it help the motivation a little too. Make sure they are cute because then you will be excited to but things in it! Good LUCK!!

  2. probably has good sugestions! I'd probably ignore it a while, let it fester, get good and mad and then tackle it, say, on Christmas Eve!! lol....One step at a time. Deep breath. You can do this! Love the look of your blog!

  3. I have an idea. Give all your scrapbook supplies to me!!! :-) jk I can come help organize though

  4. Know that it will take time! Sort everything in like piles (paper, stickers, embellishments, stamps, punches, adhesives, whatever you have). Then find a place for them. It took me a couple of times rearranging my stuff until I found a system that works. I put things that I use most often on my desk, and other things in plastic drawers and stuff near by. You can see a picture of my scrapping area here:
    I love having a space that I can just leave as my scrapping space.
    Good luck!

  5. I am working on reorganizing my space as well. It's not easy to get motivated to go through all of that junk. I'll be watching your blog for news of something that works.


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