Friday, July 31, 2009


Is there anything worse than dental pain?

Seriously. I have birthed children without even a Tylenol, but teeth? Zoinks! That's real PAIN. The I-can't-handle-this kind of pain.

I got the wisdom teeth on one side out several years ago when Jedi was little. Recovery was terrible. Awful.

I have had intermittent issues with the two on the other side. As of this last weekend I was hurting bad, with radiating and pulsating pain all the way up to my ear.

When I went in Monday my dentist couldn't get me in for the procedure till Friday afternoon. So here I sit, popping my antibiotics and pain pills 'round the clock waiting for that magic hour to have them out.

Wish me luck today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy half birthday

My squishy bundle of smiles is halfway to the year mark.

This is literally how happy she is everyday. These were all taken within about a minute's time.

My brother always gives me crap when I post a ton of baby pics. But honestly. Look at this child! How could I choose one?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Running around cyber-land

Sharing some favorite links lately.

For all those blessed with fresh zucchini:

zucchini food storage recipes

My friend Shauna's blog

For all those needing decor inspiration:

320 Sycamore (just scroll through random posts)

Sewing! part 3


I have been working on this simple project for over a week. Thanks to a decent Rosebud nap today and happily playing children I am done.

Like I told my sister, please don't rate the difficulty of my sewing projects by the length of time it takes me to complete them. Anything done in 5 minute chunks is bound to take a while. But since I still know next to nothing in the sewing department, rest assured this is easy.

So I got a new machine and it came with a cheap plastic cover. Functional but not so purty.

I wanted to match my thrifted bulletin board and had tons of that fabric.

And searched online for an easy sewing machine cover.

Measured my machine to see if it would fit.

Added an inch to the depth because my machine is chunky.

And cut and sewed!

If I knew what I was doing I would have lined it or used batting to make it thick or quilted it or something. But I don't, so I didn't.

The sheet material is rather flimsy though, so I added this twill tape ribbon trim for a bit of weight at the bottom. I'm glad I did.

I was excited to take my hubby's suggestion and try one of the fancy stitches on my machine, too.

Oh, and I found the pattern here.

Now I can protect my investment! :) And I love having another excuse to look at that gorgeous print.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sewing! part 2

I miss you, Grammy.

After my grandma died I went back to PA on a trip to help go through a little of her stuff. One thing I came across was a pale pink woven coverlet with beautiful fringe. It was torn on one corner, a little stained in a few areas, and there was a moth-eaten hole. But I remembered it. It reminded me of her bedroom which was magical to me.

I remembered it draped over her bed when we were just hanging around in her room. I remembered how she thought all my stick figure drawings were so great and she hung them on the wall next to her bed. She had a billion lotions and potions on her dresser and we would sit on her bed and sample them all. The door to the attic was in her room. She had hat boxes and memorabilia in that attic landing next to her bed; the attic that was spooky to me and I never wanted to go up there without her.

So I sat with this piece of fabric in my hands. If I brought it to my face and breathed in really deeply I could smell her.

I wanted that blanket. My uncle was going to toss it and I rescued it from the trash. After all, in its time it was a wonderful bed linen. My grammy didn't buy junk. And that s-m-e-l-l.

I brought it home to Utah where it has resided under my bed for years. I bring it out and sniff it occasionally.

I was clearing out some household items to donate to Salvation Army this week and I saw the old coverlet again. It is still SO soft. Yep, I can still smell her house. Unbelieveable.

I thought "Maybe it's just time to toss this thing. It's so old and I never use it". I then I asked myself why I didn't use it.

I decided to get rid of the bad part and hem the raw edge. I cut off the end with the hole and the corner tear. It ended up about 3/4 of the original width. That's ok.

And I know I need to wash it and that after I do the smell will be gone. That's okay too. I'm ready to let that go.

I always felt special to my Grammy for a lot of reasons. But most importantly I was her first grandkid. And after raising three boys I was the first "daughter" she got.

I explained the project to my Princess - what it was and what I was doing with it. She said "Maybe I can put it on my bed"!

Ok, Princess, maybe you can. After all, after having three boys, you're the first daughter I got.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sewing! part 1

I've kept it a little bit of a secret.

I got a new machine.

I know, huh?! Very cool. Sort of a "late Mother's Day gift + doing legal research for Dad" kinda thing.

When I saw this pattern for the Lazy Days skirt on Oliver and S, I knew I had to try it. Free and SO cute.

And fairly easy, even for someone who doesn't know what they are doing. Like me.

I finished matching skirts for the girls to wear just in time for the Nephi rodeo. It's a brown print that I fell in love with at Joann's. I know it's hard to see because I never took actual close ups. Here are random photos of the girls wearing them that day.

And one unrelated shot at the rodeo, because who can't resist a baby eating her whole fist while she sits on her grandfather's lap?

More sites where people loved this pattern:
here and here and here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby sign

When Princess was 14 months I started sign language with her. It was lots of fun to learn signs as a family and it was cool to watch her sign words before she could speak them. I realized how much more we could have benefited by starting earlier. Now that Rosebud is nearing 6 months I have been gearing up to begin with her too. I have used Signing Time
and I was looking around online a bit and I see they have a focus just for babies too. How neat.

Here is a 12 month old with a large vocabulary.

And the same mom talking about her experiences with baby sign and the benefit it was for her daughter.

Baby Signing Time

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lucky thirteen

Thirteen years ago I married my high school sweetheart. My returned missionary. My cute fiance.

Now we have built a whole life together. I am blessed every day to walk by his side. It's overwhelming to think of how many joys and trials we've experienced together, hand in hand.

He never speaks an unkind word to me, even when I deserve it. He is patient with me especially when I don't deserve it.

He treats me like a queen. He loves family above all else. He never stands in my way. He helps me to reach my potential and gives me wings to fly.

Here's to lucky thirteen!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tell me, Mom

Princess plopped down next to me.

"Mom, what do like most about me"?

Me: "Ummm, just one thing"?!

Princess: "ok, three things"

Me: "Oh good". I proceeded to tell her three specific things I loved.

Me: "What about me"?

Princess: "Well, you make cookies for us. And you were really cute when you were a baby. And Dad was really cute when he was a baby".

Thanks, babe.

I'm tired

Not just sleepy, t-i-r-e-d.

I am tired of kids calling my name, yet I'm glad they are home and are healthy.

I am tired of finding interesting things to cook, but I'm grateful for food in the pantry.

I am TIRED of my husband going to school, but I'm thankful he is trying to get a better degree.

I am tired of kids asking me if they can have this or that before they eat/use it, but I'm thankful they don't just help themselves to everything in the house.

I am tired of answering the phone, even though it means someone is thinking of us.

I am tired of watching the price of gas go up, but thankful I don't have to do as much driving as some people.

I am tired of those that think being a Stay-At-Home mom is some sort of luxury but I'm happy to make the sacrifices necessary to raise my children on one income.

I am tired of summer already even though it has been mild temps so far.

I am tired of missing out on going places alone because of a baby, but I'm grateful to be able to nourish her and for the bond we share.

I am tired of reading the Old Testament, but I'm glad I committed to finishing it before the year is out (after reading the NT in 2007 and then Book of Mormon in March 2008, I started the OT in April 2008).

I'm tired that the kids have to eat seriously every hour while they are home, yet I'm glad they somehow survive the school year only eating once in the middle of the day.

I'm tired of the swim suits, towels and other summer laundry but I know it means someone was having fun.