Friday, February 26, 2010

Lucky re-do

I had this wreath that I have been using every March for umpteen years now.  So ridiculously old and silly.  Time for an update.

I never glue things on my grapevine wreaths so that I can keep using them over.  I wanted to use the same base here and just do something green (color, not environment - although that fits too) and very simple.

I took it all apart and wound some clearance ribbon around it.  Then I replaced the shimmery shamrock garland stuff.  It just seemed silly to throw that away.

Hmm.  Simple, yes.  Boring?  Also yes.

Used chipboard and paper to add a little signage. 

Not magnificent, but free and updated.


  1. I love that you specify clearance ribbon lol

  2. I love free things!! I need to update my "lucky" stuff...maybe next year :)

  3. I got a grape vine wreath for Christmas. It's still hanging on my door with 1 lonely red and green Christmas bow. Eventually I'm going to collect enough stuff from clearance bins to do like my mom does and just change out the decorations every season/holiday. She also has a few wooden plaques that she alternates hanging in the center.

  4. Yeah, i'd give you close to magnificent.....


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