Sunday, February 28, 2010

Peanut Butter Lovers, unite!

Come on, don't pretend like you didn't know about it.

March 1, 2010 is
National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

For the love of all things divine, some blessed soul made this a day to celebrate!  Ye-haw!

If you know my family, you know we're serious obsessive nutso fanatical about our PB.  Maybe it's being born in Pennsylvania, home to the greatest chocolate factory in North America, Hershey's (also makers of Reese's).  Maybe it's the Gardner's meltaway egg that makes my heart go pitty-pat every spring.  I don't know.  But I DO know peanut butter.

Apparently we're not the only ones.  I found this site:

Don't even think a store brand or Peter Pan or such will pass, either.  It must be JIF, or Skippy if desperate.  (Like when you shop at Costco and they stop selling JIF and only sell Skippy). 

On Monday my family will gather and get a bellyache consuming America's favorite snack.  Grab a piece of bread, a cracker, or a spoon and get some yourself!



  1. I am so glad that I stocked up on peanut butter this weekend. It's hard to find the variety we like some times, so I bought the last 5 jars at the store. I'm seeing peanut butter for breakfast, lunch, and snack time. I doubt I can talk my husband into peanut butter for dinner though.

  2. I didn't know it was! Yippy Skippy! I agree Jif is the only true p.b. brand that is the best!!!

    Maybe I'll have to make my peanut butter and chocolate bars today!!

  3. That Gardner's Meltaway Egg looks SO GOOD!

  4. you so make me laugh! I heart peanut butter too but I had no idea it was a national holiday;) I going to find myself a reeses RIGHT NOW!!! I dont want to miss out on the celebration!

  5. I'm an Adams PB kinda mom. There is nothing better. Well, except the Winco grind yourself stuff. OH, or the 'Reese;s'

  6. funny enough we happened to have PB and jam for lunch, wasn't planned but glad I could help celebrate!

  7. Mmmm Peanut Butter. I don't think I've ever read a post that made me crave a food item as bad as this one did. I'd better go fix myself a snack! :-)

  8. I am so sad I missed out on the party! What did everybody bring?


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