Monday, March 29, 2010

Princess is five!

Pretty cool to have a birthday when Daddy is home on Spring Break. We played ALL DAY.

First the Aviary:

Yeah, it was mating season and the peacocks were giving quite the show.

Then we ate and shopped and shopped and ate.

Her daddy spoiled her at Build-a-Bear:

And then the rest of her extended family spoiled her some more.

Princesses & frogs, shoes, horses, instruments, Legos, and too much candy.

After 5 years I can still remember how shocked I was when they announced "it's a GIRL!" My life has never been the same since. 

Right before I delivered I was really hoping for a boy because I was comfortable with boys and was in total boy mode.  I knew what I was getting into.  I knew a girl would be too scary.  Me, the example?  I liked Daddy being the one to turn the kids heads toward.  My weaknesses, passed down another generation?  Yikes!  I didn't want to face the possibility. 

As I have grown into a "girl mom" I am relishing the sweetness of these womanly qualities in bud form.  A nurturing preschooler who thankfully picks up some of my strengths. 

I love her - everything about her. 

She no longer scares me.  She is an anchor to me who keeps me grounded and in check.  Thankfully a wise heavenly father had faith in me and my abilities when I didn't have it for myself.  I am grateful every day for the little girl who is this very minute upstairs fast asleep in her nightgown and new sparkly pink shoes.


  1. Happy Birthday! She looks so happy!

  2. Love all these spring b-days! Looks like you had a fun day.


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