Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sewing: update the drapes

I have been so over my boring curtains lately. SO monotone. Sagging rod. Blech.

My sister has been renovating and decorating lately and she inspired me to make a change in the drapes.  I never wanted to go very dark in this little living room because I knew it would make it feel even smaller.  I couldn't do a pattern because my couch is a strong plaid.  So I thought adding  just an accent fabric would be good.

This color is not accurate, even without a flash.  But it's a remnant I found.  It's faux leather with floral embossing.  Very cool.  It's a deeper, richer color than shown.

Obviously I can't get a good shot with or without the flash.  But here it is finished:

I cut off the top four inches where the rod pocket was and added the faux leather.  It's a tough fabric to work with but I finally rigged it good enough.  I didn't even hem the top - I just have it clipped with cafe clips and put on a new sturdy rod I found at Lowes for $16. 

I had Strider raise the new rod all the way up near the ceiling, too.  I love the look.

fabric $4
curtain clips: $5 for 14
rod and hardware: $16
smooches for the hubs: $0


  1. Nice. Nothing like new curtains to redo a room for cheap.
    And, even better..... done your self.

  2. I have been looking at my curtains or lack of them in some areas the same way. Thanks for the great idea. You did a great job.

  3. What a great idea! Love the new look

  4. I do believe the "raising the curtain rod" is a "nesting" tip :) It looks so good!

  5. I really like it! Good job, as always!!

  6. Very nice. I like the use of the richer fabric. Just enough to really pop and add color but not enough to overwhelm.


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