Wednesday, April 14, 2010


                                 {kids before church on Sunday}  

Confession #1
My husband is a much better bed-maker than I am.  He has a new habit of making it first thing every morning and I LOVE that.  He places all my fancy pillows and everything just how I like it.  It’s rubbing off on me, too. 

Confession #2
I am sad that my Girl Scout cookies are all gone.

Confession #3
I cannot bear to have my tables without centerpieces.  Kitchen table AND coffee table.  Must be decorated.  Simple, but not bare.  I grabbed fresh daffodils this morning to bring inside.  That’s the only reason I grow daffodils – one splendid week with a sunny yellow April table.
Same goes for my doors.  Must have wreaths.  Strider put away my Easter egg wreath from the front door three days ago and I have not replaced it yet.  I seriously have hives.

my tables as they are at this moment:

Confession #4
I have been sewing for over a year now and I am not exaggerating when I say I am no better than when I began.  I sewed some crude baby bibs last night and I cannot believe how terrible the stitching is.  Oh well.  Function over form, right?

Confession #5
My backyard is a mess.  Has been for years.  I want real grass, not weeds.  Expanded garden.  Play area.  Relaxing area.  I just don’t want the expense or the effort.  Bah.

Confession #6
I guess this isn’t a confession, but a mourning.  Why did all sports have to move to cable?  We don’t want cable right now; our family doesn’t need the expense, distraction, or extra monitoring that would come with it.  But as a sports fanatic it breaks my heart.  I’m not kidding – if I think about it too much I get extremely upset.  Listening to a huge game on the radio just doesn’t cut it.  BYU, Jazz, Penn State, whatever.  It kills me.

Confession #7
I wish I could hire a maid.  Then I wouldn’t feel guilty over the house cleaning I never get to.  Actually, then I would feel guilty that I wasn’t doing it all myself.  Isn’t that my job – to figure it all out?!  Scratch that.  No maid.  If it looks good, I want the credit, dang it.

Confession #8
I want a big trip to Costco every month that isn’t included in my grocery budget.  Like an extra bonus load.  Hmmm.  Have to work on that one.

Confession #9
I only bought Easter clothes for the three youngest.  Terrible, huh.

Confession #10
I wish for too many things.  Wheat grinder, new countertops, digital SLR camera, netbook.  I need to be content with my wonderful life in its current state.  I am over-the-top, out-of-this-world blessed.


  1. Use the money you would have spent on cable... on Costco.
    I'm with you on the wants... backyard, counters.... I can do with out digital gadgets, but the everyday stuff, I covet.

  2. I think you are just like the rest of us! We just turned off our DirecTV...the kids would never leave their spot on the couch. Now they are active again...I would love the Costco trip also and I have to say sewing is my out...but there is never enough time to do it! YOu are awesome!

  3. Jen, I seriously love you. Really. You are just great, and I fully appreciate your blog posts. And I agree with the Costco thing- I always go to Sam's Club and never get to buy anything fun. Just diapers, wipes, dog food... B-O-R-I-N-G!


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