Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family ties

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.

Alex Haley

Two months ago I was given a new calling (job) at church.  I was to be a Family History consultant.  We actually teach an ongoing class about Genealogy to small groups and it's been really amazing so far.  I have only done the tiniest amount of family pedigree research till now but my desire to do more has gone through the roof.

It's a time consuming hobby, but I feel strongly that I need to find ways to incorporate more family history work into my busy life.  Truthfully I can't think of anything more interesting and rewarding to do in my free time than to find out who has gone before me, who has paved the way, who has contributed to who I am.

My dad had a special meeting in his area last week about family history as well.  He has not participated in any research of the past as of yet, but he opened my way of thinking about this important task.  In his talk he spoke about linking generations together.  He reminded me that every memory and tradition is the making of family histories as well.  When we look at a family group record those aren't just names on a paper.  They are moms and dads, grandkids, aunts.  Those individuals shared a baseball game with a grandparent.  They sacrificed material wants so their kids could have needs met.  They read books to little ones.  They had jobs and bills and lawns and gardens and laundry.

My history isn't just then.  It's now.  And what we do next month.  And in five years.  We are living the legacy that we will leave behind.

I need to be a better journal keeper.  I owe it to myself and my posterity.  I did okay as a kid, and  I also have detailed entries for each child's birth.  But not a whole lot else.

I need to tell stories to my kids that my parents told me.

I need to record my dad reading those books that the kids love.

I need to write my own personal life history.  I can't even imagine the joy if one of my ancestors had left one for me.

I am so thankful for the broader perspective this new calling has given me.  I could kick myself for those things I've neglected to record over the last 10-15 years.  But better late than never.


  1. See if you can print out all your blog entries! They have been great journal entries.

  2. I too wish I had kept better records of when my kids were little (they still are somewhat). But the first 2 years are a blur.
    I'd love to write my history. And to also ask my parents and dh grandparents lots of questions and write about them. Just not sure what questions. Do you have any info on that? Although, I'm sure there's lots online. I should just start.
    Thanks for the push.

  3. I cute idea I heard was to make a journal for each child. Include random pictures, programs they have participated in, favorite things. When they graduate from High School give it to them, they can then continue their story. Obviously, I am starting late..but I agree with you...it is so important!

  4. this is what having a blog is all about!!! Just taught this at the family history workshop last week. I just got mind in the mail. All of 2008 in a sweet little package.
    You'll do GREAT at this new calling!!!

  5. That;s why I started this whole blog thing. There's 3 years of your life already journaled for you. Good job.


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