Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just gathering the scattered thoughts

1. I went to my favorite store today, Tai Pan Trading. When I walk through the doors I feel a little faint. I bought myself fancy rubber gloves for Mother's Day. Plus some more microfiber towels. Really loving microfiber towels lately. No chemicals, just rubbing.

2. We got a Redbox movie yesterday (free code via text) and it won't play. My Princess is not happy.

3. Our USB ports are possessed. When we unplug something all our default storage locations change and now my last month of pics and docs are completely messed up and in different file folders on the computer. Hence the no picture for this post.

4. My life is going quite nicely at the moment, so I'm not really sure why I've no blogging voice as of late. Sorry about that.

5. My jaw line is breaking out like I'm 15 years old. What the..?

6. Strider installed our new kitchen faucet this weekend. It's incredibly beautiful. I love doing the dishes just so I have an excuse to polish it with the aforementioned microfiber towels. No pics, but it's this one: Moen Banbury Chrome Faucet.  Even more pretty in person, I promise.  Although any faucet that's not swaying back and forth and nearly falling off in your hand as you turn it on is an upgrade from the one we replaced. 

7.  Jazz vs. Lakers game 2 tonight.  Do we have any chance at all???   My dad took me to the close out game of the last series vs. Denver.  What a cool dad!  Here is a pic of us:  Jen and Dad

8.  Is it just me or is Scouting an incredibly expensive hobby/activity?  Nearly prohibitively so.  *sigh*

9.  I have had extra opportunities to serve in the last few days and nothing compares to how uplifting it feels to help another.  I have had the sweetest experiences doing so.

10.  Strider is working on his final papers for this semester.  A couple classes to do this summer and we are done with this blasted thing!


  1. I smiled as I read your thoughts. :)

  2. Email Redbox! We had the same thing happen to us. I emailed them and they gave me 2 free codes to use (they wont' refund but I got my money back in the credits).

    I'm breaking out TOO! I HATE IT.

  3. I {heart} your thoughts:)
    So happy that things are going well...lets not jinks it by talking to loudly!
    I TOTALLY am breaking out too!! 3 on my forehead. Good thing i am in the young womens I fit right in;)

  4. Love that picture of you and Dad!

  5. I love that you buy yourself Mother's day gifts!


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