Thursday, May 20, 2010

My new babies

We had a fish tank when the first two kids were very young.
There was a er, mishap
with a toddler and we lost the aquarium.

I so loved that thing, and have been complaining about
getting another one for years.  Well, for Mother's Day
Strider taped a picture of a fish tank to the wall where it now sits
and I was so happy.  I spent time reading and prepping.

We still had our original stand and I got a great deal
on another tank and a billion accessories.

On Sat we got our starting trio.  Three mollies.  I love mollies.

They are a little shy, but are warming up to
us and our chaos (read "NOISE").

And being live bearers, we expect tiny mollies
to come our way, too!


  1. how fun! I bet the kids love them as much as you do and the neighbors love them cause they dont bark;)

  2. Congrats! It's so fun to have new animals. I LOVE pets!


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