Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Look at this cute couple

I know, I promise I'm still here.  Just tangled up in everything.

Fathers Day always makes me reflect on so many things.  Of course I am thankful for the faithful father I was born to, and I am very blessed to have a companion who is a great dad to our kids. 

It also makes me realize how I am influenced for good by watching my husband interact with these children of ours.  I learn by watching him. 

We are different, and thus we treat our kids differently.  I love the way he pushes them harder than I do, and sees more of their potential sometimes.  He has a clear perspective when mine is clouded by emotions.  He is firm when they need him to be.  He plays and rough-houses, giving them an outlet for their energy and building confidence. 

I love this guy.  Happy Father's Day.

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