Friday, June 25, 2010

Mini Vacation, Day 3

Thanks, Kristy.  I forgot to link to the pass.

Go to Visit Salt Lake and you will see the spot saying "third day free" or something like that.  We paid $36 for adults and $30 for kids (baby was free).  That's the two-day price but thru part of July it's buy two days get one day free.  We figured it pays for itself in 4 outings.

So, on to Wednesday.

We planned on going to Snowbird for the tram ride.  Didn't open till 11, so there was no need for an early start.  We had a lazy morning before heading out.

We were just driving along - and we were in Sandy before we realized we never turned onto the right freeway to get us toward the mountain.  Doh!  So we thought, hmm, what the heck - we'll just head to Thanksgiving Point and head to Snowbird after.

Here is our visit to the Museum of Ancient Life.  The kids have asked for years when we would ever go to "that dinosaur museum".  Here was our chance.

It is enormous!  Seriously so many things to see.

Huge dino replicas

A very cool sand/water area with little plastic trees and
dinosaurs. They loved recreating the flood that
wiped them all out LOL.

If you know my husband it is no surprise to see him joining in.

So, we leave Lehi and, um, major storm brewing.  I'm talking GRAY skies and you can't even see the mountains.  Shoot.  And I knew the tram only runs "weather permitting". 

Plus it's after 1 pm and everyone's starving to death. 

We drove up to Draper, gave the kids a corn dog and their very first Jamba (it was $1 day!!) and they were calm.  Yeah right.  There was so much fighting in the car I couldn't even hear Strider right next to me.  We had a spilled berry smoothie (glad it's an old van), a toddler who wanted everyone else's food, and big brother bullies.  Should we head home?  Should we leave them there and go on a date to see more stuff?  Should we leave them at grandmas and pick them up in July?

We need to get our money's worth, dang it!

We decided on Clark Planetarium, carried over from the sick day.

They have gorgeous displays.

Here is Princess on the moon.

I always knew at least one of my kids was from Mars.

We could barely pull Bugs away from this two-story
 "Newton's Daydream" kinetic/inertia machine

The pass included tickets to a 3-D film; we chose Hubble.  I don't know how it was - after 3 minutes the baby was freaking out so I got to take her out and chase her all over play with her during the show.

So we had fun, but I might have gone into a trance after very much longer.  It's a little hard for my kids to have that much family togetherness, I suppose.  I do think it's a great deal and worth it if, like us, you have yet to see many of the neat places around here.

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  1. We got those passes this summer too--and we have yet to use them. (We got the ones that last all year so we can do everything) But we are going up to the Red Butte Garden on Monday to see the Basque dancers.


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