Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ruffle skirts and a thank you

On Friday I was surprised by Bugs bringing me a yummy thank-you from his class for the volunteering I do for his teacher.  It was a little gesture that meant a lot.  Sometimes I wonder if it's worth packing up both preschoolers and braving various weather to do that brief recording of their reading minutes each week.  But it's so nice to have someone say thanks.

Secondly, I've been sewing!  Don't ask me with what time, but somehow I did.  It is serious therapy for me.  I love spending time on something that still looks good an hour or a day after I'm finished with it.

Here is the baby one:

Here is the size 5/6 one:

I learned how to do ruffles! It wasn't too bad once I got going. 
(Look closely - you can actually tell my stitches are straight!  Bonus.) 

This one was for princess.  I finished it four days ago and she's already worn it two times.  Success? 

I really want to make a dress for Rosebud next.  I bought a pattern when Joann had one of their $1 sales.  But I'm so confused!  It looks completely foreign to me.  I think I might be in over my head!  Kristy?  Tracy? 


  1. I just found a bunch of cute rmenant fabric and was wondering what to do with it. Walla!. Thanks!

  2. You can do it Jen. I would be happy to help you get started and once you do one you will be on your way.


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