Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finally, a pattern

So here we are. I tried my first dress and my first pattern.

Rosebud really really needs so church clothes, so I wanted to make something for her.  Plus, I had this "Freshly Squeezed" fabric by Moda to use.  Shows up as kind of reddish but it's a pretty orange with lime and yellow dots. 

I can't do fasteners or anything like that so I opted for this pattern ($10/10 at Joann's) because it's just elastic arms and neck.

She's such a stinker.  When I tried it on her she screamed like I was ripping her head off, then ran away any other time she saw the dress.

My sister back east wanted to see pics, so I took it out a few days later to do so.  Of course she loved it then.  Rosebud stole the hanger and ran through the house showing it off.

Here she is convincing Princess to watch her.

And she tried to put it on, feet first.

What a character!


  1. I love it. And before you know it, you are going to be making Prom dresses.

  2. I used that same pattern for Anna. It is my favorite!
    I love the peasant dress in the picture, I think Anna had 4 of them. Your dress turned out darling! Keep up the good work!

  3. Very nice job. I've had that pattern for 3 years and still haven't done anything with it! Soon, I will get to it soon.

  4. It looks great, you did a wonderful job.


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