Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lawn: before and after

Here is all I can find to show what the back yard used to look like. This is in May, as we started prepping the garden area.

If the weeds were knee high in May after a month of rain,
just think what they looked like by the end of June.  Yeah.

This is last Wednesday after two weeks of major labor on Strider's part.  Till, shovel, rake, repeat.  Add in a week of building and repairing a sprinkler system and you have a BIG job.

Sod ready to go.

Four hours later:

It is so peaceful back here.  I just love it.

The kids are anxiously awaiting the official word from daddy that they can play on it. 
For right now they tiptoe to the playground where we have mulch for them.  It's awesome.


  1. looks great! We're still waiting for dry weather to finish our sod.

  2. Walla, instant backyard. Lucky you, no seed, water, seed, water, fertilize, weed, fertalize, weed, reseed, water, reseed, water... all... summer.... long......
    looks peaceful.

  3. Looks so great. Now you need a party to celebrate!!!!

  4. That looks so awesome! You guys have been doing a lot of good work!


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