Monday, July 12, 2010


Really? Halfway thru July?  Yeah, I've been MIA.

Strider's summer is over. He went back to classes today. That sure went fast!

Here is a bit of a wrap-up of the first week I was blog-silent.

Potter had a parent/student kickball game.  Strider was MVP.

 (or if that doesn't work, go here)

Then new pets. 

Look right in the center of the sunken ship.

Yep, in the wee hours of the morning while I was at the 12:30 showing of Eclipse, my molly mom had her babies.  There are about 20-25 of them.  So tiny and so cute!  Bugs found them in the morning and I came down in my groggy state to check it out.

There are two here.

Fish babies!

We love them but obviously have too many.  I expected the adults to eat some of them but so far we haven't seen them even pay any attention.  So please come take my fish babies.  They grow up to be awesome, easy to care for fish.  Send your kids down to my house with a jar.  Yes, I'm serious!

And then the end of school. 

Here is Potter being recognized for working Safety Patrol this year.

They had a speech competition to see who would be the one to give the graduation address and he came in second place.  So close!  He is a great public speaker, though. 

Last day of elementary school

Jedi's last day of 2nd grade

Bugs' last day of 4th grade

The kids had great teachers this year.  I hope they don't forget everything they learned over the summer.  Wait, they're only home for 6 weeks, never mind. :)

Tomorrow I will show the second week I missed.

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  1. Oh my...really? Last day of Elementry? Wow! Time does fly.


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