Monday, August 16, 2010

I dusted off the crockpot

I sit here looking at the little clock down in the corner of my screen. 3:52. My fifth and third graders will walk in the door in about 7 minutes.

What a quiet day. Yes, I still have three kids with me (till next week, for two of them). But I put all my energy into my homemaking today. I have missed that feeling of being needed, grounded. Purposeful.

I have a big dinner ready. I have a relatively clean working space. I did two loads of laundry. The kids at home didn't fight too much.

I love this feeling. Schedules and predicability. My back-to-school life.


  1. wow- sounds like you are organized and in your element.
    I'm not sure I'm ready for school.

  2. I hear ya my friend!!! I CRAVE the routine. My kids do so much better too:)


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