Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Personalized baby blocks

Time for another niece birthday.  Last time I made puppets, this time I opted for wooden baby blocks.

I started with a 1.75" balluster from Lowes; it was about $2.75. It was a good choice because it was already the width I wanted, and it had finished, rounded sides. I had Strider cut it into perfect squares.

I went to my scrapbook stash and pulled out coordinating paper and rub-ons.

I went through my own pics plus my sister's blog and found a photo of every single person and pet on both sides of the family (my sister's and her husband's sides) and printed them on cardstock. I borrowed a square punch (Thanks, Rach!) that was the perfect size!  Phew, no cutting.

Each block had two photos on it.  I also included every number, the letters to spell her whole name, pairs of patterned circles to match up, and other animal stickers to round it out.  I even included all the logos from the colleges her parents attended.  (I may have snuck in a Y, too, just for good measure :)

I was worried about the modpodge smearing the ink, so I waited two days after printing them to let the ink "cure".  Not sure if that's what did it, but there were no smears.  The colors stayed very vibrant, too.

It was so very fun to make.  I think she'll get a good use out of them and Ash's reaction was cute.

Ignore my narrative in the video.




  1. What a cute and fun idea! I love the photograph sides!

  2. Those are awesome! What a great idea.

  3. Oh man that was such a fun reaction from your sister. You are so sweet and crafty!


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