Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thumb be gone

Princess starts Kindergarten next week, although she has hit an even bigger milestone already.  She actually stopped sucking her thumb. 

If you know her you know that never seemed like it would happen.  Even a week ago she showed no signs of responding to our pleading, begging, bribing, etc.

And as with her big brother, she stopped exactly when she was ready.  She quit over a period of just two days.

Nearly a five and a half year habit, GONE!  Here she is over the years:

I am so very proud of her! (And so thankful she stopped before school).


  1. Jealous, once again. Emma is my thumb sucker. Sam was too, but he stopped on his own, at 3. I can't convince her to stop, I know I should stop trying, but I can tell by the way her teeth are shaped she's a thumb sucker. Both of my Feb kids. None of my others even took a binky, but the 2 Feb kids loved their thumb.

  2. Mr. A still sucks his and we have tried so many things. Last year when he started school I thought would be when he would stop. But no...he says he does it at school when the other kids aren't looking!


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