Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family night

I told everyone we were going to have fun for Family Home Evening.  We would weed and then harvest some veggies. That's fun, right?

We are thrilled to anounce our corn is finally ready!  9 ears and I'm looking forward to cooking them.

Bugs found this cutie while picking corn.

Hey, wait -

we're supposed to be weeding - -

Oh well, let's have ice cream.

I want to squish her face.

Here is daddy watching the second hand on the clock to time the boys to see how long they can keep their tongues in the cold ice cream.  Why do boys make everything into a competition?

Oh yeah, and our bountiful harvest from the night.  Tons of peppers, including our first red one!


  1. I want to kiss those cheeks!!! Oh my gosh she is ADORABLE!!!! Way to go with the harvest:)


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