Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Even Utes feel blue sometimes

So, yeah, BYU has had a rough season so far. But that didn't stop my dad from taking us back to his Alma Mater for homecoming on Saturday.

We had a blast! (Even my Ute-loving siblings)

We all played some little games at the Alumni tailgate party.  Jess and Tyler were very lucky and got their wish - free BYU t-shirts!

Here are the three in the fam that attended BYU

We were missing a sister but still loved being together.

I had to be sneaky to get a blurry shot of Strider cheering for the Cougs (wearing ahem, BLUE, I might add).  I knew he could still be swayed.

Feels so good in blue together!  It was a great win.

Ignore the dork making the U sign.  I love her, but Go BYU!!!


  1. So fun. Wish we lived closer and could go see some games.

  2. ROFL, ROFL...love the U Jess!!!


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