Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween is near

Time for decorations!

There may or may not be a giant spider climbing on our dining room light fixture

my favorite little costume dude from Tai Pan Trading last year

love this shelf - is it wrong to have all that under the temple?  oh well

this is a Relief Society craft from a zillion years ago, but I love it still

we grew corn this year so I get to decorate with my own cornstalks!

and be still my heart - the best DI find ever.  $2 for this breathtaking beauty.  I have a thing for wreaths (ask Strider) and this one knocked my socks off!  It's huge, and would have been pretty pricey in a store, I think.  I also love it because it's fall, and not just for halloween.  So this baby is stayin' on the door WAY past trick-or treating. :)


  1. That wreath is awesome!! Oh how I wish we had a DI. Great decor

  2. I have a wreath almost exactly like yours. I got it last year at Sam's Club for $30 so you definitely got a killer deal! Love DI. :)


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