Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recipes to try

Never, never, read food blogs before breakfast.

Hmm, I think for breakfast I'd like apple crisp with pumpkin cream cheese bars with a side of brownies, please. Note to self: next time, start with Chex.

Oh, and my little sis asked me to start posting some of my menu plans again.

This week:

Monday - waffles
Tuesday - pulled pork sliders, ramen noodles, caesar salad
Wednesday - Taco Bake from Kraft recipes
Thursday - loaded baked potatoes (cheese, sour cream, broccoli, bacon)
Friday (do I have to cook on Friday?) - family picnic, so sandwiches and the like

I'm linking up some recipes I want to be able to find later. If they help you too, then bonus.

chewy chocolate brownies

garlic breadsticks

chocolate peanut butter pie

So many recipes HERE I don't even know where to start!

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