Thursday, November 18, 2010

Naptime project - cardigan

Ok, I have been squandering too much toddler naptime on surfing the internet. Time to change that today.

I saw this idea last week and I of course can't find it now to give credit. So sorry! (Please tell me if you know and I will update)  But I literally read the idea on the same day I was gathering items to donate. Bingo! I hadn't worn this sweater in a long time. It clings too much in the, AHEM, wrong areas.

But the idea is to take a sweater you don't like or haven't worn for a while and update it with ruffles from scraps. Trust me, it's more fun that it sounds.

I forgot to take a pic till halfway through, but here is the before on the left side, and the right side with ruffle added.

Step 1 - Cut up the middle of the front of the sweater. Mine had a center design, but the original poster used a grey cable knit which was gorgeous!

Step 2 - Cut up an old tee shirt in a color matching your sweater. I made strips about 2 inches wide. Didn't measure. Wasn't careful. I just cut.

Step 3 - Sew a strip of the tee shirt to each raw edge of the sweater front. This gives you a way to keep the yarn from unraveling while also providing a base for the ruffle to be sewn on.

Step 4 - Make your ruffles out of long strips of tee shirt. Just put the stitch setting on the longest length and stitch down the center of the strip. Pull gently on the strings on either end and it will gather.

Step 5 - Pin the ruffles along the front edges evenly.

Step 5 - Sew the ruffles on!

You could even add another layer of ruffles if you want it jazzier.  Some of us don't need any extra bulk, though. I like it simple anyway.

The baby has been asleep for 45 min and I already did this project and uploaded pics. See how easy?

Cute, hip, and FREE!!




  1. I need to find some drive to do nap time projects again. I am Just, so, tired. I get the basics done, and then I sit.

  2. how cute are you?!?! Before naps are over I should try to do something creative instead of practical like shaving my legs;)

  3. Sooo cute!!! I LOVE it!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  4. Love ruffles at our house!!! Very girly!

  5. Jen, thanks for your comment! I lub them... keeps me motivated.
    I am your newest follower. Are you following me yet? would like to keeping hearing what you think, suggestions and tips that I might be over looking. Stay in touch!! =)

  6. Wow. How'd we come from the same family? I wish I had talents haha

  7. I've seen that before and I think it's such a cute idea! Way to go Jen, who said you couldn't sew???? I'm starting not to believe you. ;)


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