Tuesday, November 2, 2010

These are the first two dishcloths I pulled out of the drawer when trying to clean in the kitchen. 

Raise your hand if you think I deserve new ones.


  1. LOL!! Unfortunately, I have many that look like that too.

  2. I vote yes also. But that means I need new ones also because most of mine look like that.

  3. My hand is raised! I see your table will take a beating also! LOL I have raised three boys; and about the table makeover with the wood top, I am thinking the more beat up it gets the prettier it will be. I used pine which was inexpensive but also a soft wood. You could use a different wood. I stained the top and it had some sealer in the stain, but I rubbed the top with boiled linseed oil on top of that. I just rubbed it on with a rag and it soaked right in. Now my five year old took a drill bit to it last week and put a fresh dent in it. The mark looks pine because he got down in the wood. I am going to take a repair as we go approach and touch it up with the stain and a Q-tip and then reapply the linseed oil. Linseed oil is a really old-fashioned finish but it is a good one! It can be applied a few times a week. The butcher block, Boos Block uses this to condition their blocks and they are waterproof. We have been sitting sweating glasses on the table top and no water marks. So, that is all I know so far. I wanted the top to get more beat up with age for character, so my kids aren't upsetting me when they aren't so kind to it because I knew that would happen! LOL Thanks for coming by and if you try this e-mail me a picture!


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