Sunday, November 21, 2010

We don't have a cat

We made a THANKFUL tree this year and the family members are all encouraged to add to it as they think of their blessings.

We added a gratitude quote:

"To express gratitude is gracious and honorable;
to enact gratitude is generous and noble;
but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven"
~ President Monson

I love seeing the things the kids have written

This one from Princess is a bit puzzling, though.  Uh, we don't have a cat.


  1. Ha ha ha, that's too funny! I like your tree. I've been looking at doing something similar, but most of the trees I see are complicated.....not something I want to take the time/energy to do with all the other stuff going on this week. I might have to copy :-)

  2. Maybe it's her way of hinting to you that she wants a cat! That's too cute. :)

  3. hahahahaha...I have been asked on a number of occasions about the 3 dogs we have. HUH??? We dont own any dogs but Mckena really wants one. we had a talk about lying:}

  4. Can I put a leaf saying I'm grateful you don't have a cat? :)

  5. ok so I thought this is SUCH a CUTE Idea and because of my WONDERFUL cricut I can make it SOOO EASY so I am using your marvelous idea for FHE tonight THANKS!!! :)


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