Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How long does it take a toddler to walk home from the school?

Sometimes, when Daddy's car doesn't start (all too often in the winter) we get to walk Princess to school at lunchtime.

Then comes the fun part.  Getting little munchkin home before daylight is gone.

Last week this is my view as we walked home.  The top of Rosebud's head, mostly.

Every single mound of melting, crunchy snow needed to be touched, stepped on, examined.

It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R...

...but I'm glad to see the world through this sweet girl's eyes, if only for a little while.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sew adorable

Owls are my new obsession. Well, owls and Miche bags. Anyway.

I saw these and had to make one (or two).

The girls love them and tote them all over, even though I made them for me, dang it.  I will be nice and share. 

Go here for the pattern.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teacher gifts

I promised you photos of our teacher gifts this year.  We made coaster sets.

It was fast and easy.  My kids even helped.  You need scrapbook paper, felt, mod podge, and ceramic tiles.  I went to Home Depot and found 4x4 tiles for $ .16.  So these come to $ .64 per gift.  Yeah!

Using a glue gun, add felt to the backs of the tiles.  This will protect your teachers' tables from scratching.  Okay, their tables were probably bought second-hand, but still :).

I even cheated and used scraps on some.

Pick some fun, sturdy paper.  I like two sided paper because I don't have to worry about matching colors.  They are built to match.

Add a thin layer of mod podge to attach paper.

When they are all dry, add more mod podge on top (2 layers).  Be patient - you don't want bubbles.

Here are all the patterns laid out (vertical rows show the four sets).

 When it was all dry I sprayed with sealer. 

Packaged and ready to go!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Say cheeeez

I won't name any names, but there's a little person around here who likes to steal the camera and thinks she's pretty funny.

Thank goodness for digital cameras!

(Let me note that she doesn't always look like an orphan. Just when she feels snap-happy, I suppose).

Santa rookies

Seeing Santa for the first time:

Poor baby.

And we very rarely take the kids to see Santa anyway, so Princess was just as nervous.  But she managed to say "unicorn pillow pet" just barely loud enough for him to hear.  

Making a list - checking it twice!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

World Nativity

I promise, it's more fun than Potter's face shows.

Last week we did the World Nativity Tour at the Hyde's home in South Jordan. [info here]

Basically they collect and sell nativity scenes from South America and Africa, employing artisans in the process.  Every December they display 100 of their personal collection and open their home for 30 min tours.  It's really informative and a fun little Christmas activity.  As of posting this, it looks like he has a few spots still open.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On my mind today

1. Life is busy. My December calendar is a joke. I'm just sayin'.

2. Car woes stink. Day two of Strider's car not starting up. Bright side? We still have another car as an option.

3. I love getting Christmas cards. I'm hit and miss when it comes to sending, plus having a blog makes me feel like the world knows everything about us anyway. But thank you to those who have sent us one. I love getting cards in the mail.

4. Oatmeal gets a bad rap. It's delicious! And even as leftovers. Yesterday morning I made up a bunch but we had a lot left over. I just reheated some with a little milk - Mmmmm.

5. Finally ready to craft today! Done gathering supplies and today I begin with teacher gifts. Yes, I will post when I'm done. (Two words: Mod Podge)

6. How does Santa not go bankrupt with the whole stocking-filling? I don't care how simple I try to be, those suckers cost a thousand dollars to fill. UGH. I'm going to make stockings for my family; they will be 2"x4" and will hold a candy cane perfectly.

7. Best thing about this time of year: school concerts and performances. Down side? Rude audiences. It happens every year, but I swear last night was worse. What is up with people leaving in the middle of a performance? We went to a community one last night at the high school where the elementaries and jr highs in the area all come together to do songs and dance numbers. Starting about in the middle, parents started to trickle out. Our school was about third to the last. I was a little miffed as more and more people were being disruptive, passing in front of me as I tried to watch my son. Then by the last school's turn it was so bad you literally had a hard time hearing the singing over the loud exodus of people heading home. What the? Guess what, those are someone's kids up there right now, too! They practiced just as hard as your son/daughter. For heavens sake, you can sit for an hour of Christmas songs.

Okay, I'm done.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Be gone!

Too many clothes! Too much stuff!

Good news:

10 bags to thrift store
3 boxes to friends
2 boxes to my sister

Bad news:

Trash was just picked up on Monday and the can is already full!