Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 - Meaning behind your blog name

Pretty self explanatory, but mostly I wanted to have a forum where I could share life as I see it. Often it's not till I begin typing that I can define my feelings about various issues. I enjoy the clarity of mind that comes with writing.

This blog gives me the chance to share my family's activities (for those relatives that live far away) and my personal projects. To that I add a bit of perspective.

On the outside I am like so many others around me - Republican suburban moms driving minivans and planning dinner - but I feel like my thoughts and my voice inside my head are more unique than that.

Loving sports radio and disliking talking on the phone and being passionate about things that don't matter one bit to other women are part of what I am made of. Of course you, my friends, are a lot like me in some basic ways. We love crafts and new shoes and homemaking and nurturing.

But we're different too and that's why life is not boring. I absolutely love the concept of blogs. I love to learn from all of you as you share. Maybe if you hang around here you could learn something as well (but I'm not promising anything)!

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