Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Rosebud turned two last week. What an emotional day!

She woke up bright and early, saw all the balloons and streamers waiting for her, and clapped!  She is a great morning person and stayed happy all day.

The nice UPS man brought her a cuddly elmo doll.  She played with him for hours.
She made him a bed

and took care of Abby Cadabby too.

 Took him shopping

and went to nap.

That's good because mom still had some serious baking to do.

Cake says "Elmo loves ______" with her name spelled out in candles.

Here's the cuteness on the table.  See the elmo pops (details coming in the next post)!

Rosebud had a blast with gifts.  I think at Christmastime she really got the hang of opening presents, so she was a pro.

Rosebud got very cute, thoughtful gifts.  She was genuinely excited to play with/wear each thing. She was delightful all day.

Our house seemed spacious.  We're used to packing it full for birthdays but sadly over half of our family wasn't with us.  But we had a special time with this special girl. 

Cake time, and I'm emotional again (you can see me here crying halfway thru "Happy Birthday"). We lit just two of the letters in her name and she blew each one out on her own.  Cheers from everyone!

It may have been a little too fun.  This morning she said "(her name) burdday!  Elmo party!"  Um, not again, sweetie pie.

Time for Family Home Evening.  Will post the Elmo pops in a bit.

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