Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Potty time

There are certain parts of parenting I dread.  Ya know; the tooth fairy, shoe-tying, etc.  One big one is potty training. 

All my kids seemed "ready" at the same age - 2 1/2.  Even Princess, who people assured me would be easier than the boys, was not ready till the magic 2 yrs 6 mos (although she caught on faster).  I had no intention of trying any earlier this time around.

Rosebud (23 mos)  has completely undressed herself every single day for about the last month.  Yes, buck naked no matter the weather.  Undresses past all the layers and snaps I can cover her in.  Every night she goes to bed in a backwards blanket sleeper to be "locked in" for the night.  She hates being in dirty diapers, and we can't leave her alone for a second because of the mess she might leave us.

She consistently goes on the toilet once or twice a day whenever she sees us going and happens to be nearby.  The last couple days I have noticed a shift.  She went 5 times yesterday AND woke up dry from her 3 hour nap.  I told Strider it was time to officially do this.

We went to the storage room and discovered we must have tossed the little potty after thinking we were done at #4.  Snap! So I bought this froggy potty this morning and she LOVES it.  She has already gone 4 times in the last hour, including poop!  HUGE DEAL. 

 Anyway I hope this little girl can get it all figured out fast and get back into clothing soon!  Till then we will have interesting presidency meetings at my house and sometimes the kids need to explain more to their friends than they want to.

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  1. Yeah, There is nothing better than a kid out of diapers. Good luck. Out of 6, I only had 1 potty train herself. Started on her own, and was easy. I hope she does that for you. Too bad Lucy isn't looking like she wants to do that. I will have 3 in diapers in a few months. Never done that before.


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