Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick heart wreath

I was sitting around this morning wishing I'd asked Strider to get out the LOVE decor last night.  So, what the heck, let's make a wreath. 

I've been drooling over this one for a full year now:  Idea Room Felt Heart

I've checked Joann's twice and they've been out of the heart form both times.  It's making me grumpy.  But I still needed something on the side door.

My sister in law Darcy had posted a pic on facebook of one she made from fabric and burlap.  I knew that burlap would be an easy way to do a wreath quickly. 

I opened up a wire hanger and make a primitive heart shape. Next (sorry, I forgot to take a pic before I started) I fed strips of burlap on accordion style.

Keep going - you'll need a good amount.  I think this is about half a yard. 

Are these positively the worst pics or what??
Grab pliers and twist the ends shut when you have enough burlap ruffles on there.  Smoosh the burlap around to cover the twist, and add a ribbon.

Easy and rustic!  Oh, and $0. 

Later today I'll try my hand at some fabric rosettes to dress up some more V-day decor.  And I'll send Strider down under to grab the garland and box of stuff from last year.

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  1. Wow- that's awesome. I love your free decorating ideas.

  2. so cute! I made the felt one and i LOVE it:) would have loved it even more if it was free.


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