Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bedroom spring cleaning

Okay, it's not even close to spring, but I felt an itch to clean and make a change.

A year and a half ago I scored basically a new bedroom set-up, minus the comforter,  for $5.

I love it still. About 8 months ago, frustrated with short comforter sides and a hubby that steals covers, I bought a king down alternative set that gave me LONG hangover for my queen bed.  It was perfect!  Sadly, it was showing wear spots (from the dryer?) lately so I knew I needed to protect it and get a duvet on there.

I was at Target this week and found this sateen damask duvet for 75% off and I knew it would be great.  I kind of really like the way the two patterns work together.  It feels luxurious.

So Strider and I decluttered and cleaned and organized and like crazy (yeah, it was worse than this) and spiffed up the little retreat of ours.  It's like a hotel room!  We keep joking that we're going to "stay one more night".  It is such a joy to be in an uncluttered, peaceful place.

(Next items: paint and get that wrought iron thing off the wall).
So, see ya!  If you need me I'll be in my room.


  1. Looks great! I like the way the 2 patterns work together as well. I actually think that the wrought iron sconce goes along with the damask-like theme now, but if you hate it, I say throw it out! I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing to replace it with. :)

  2. I think leave the "iron thing" but get new candles, maybe blue, or some stones to fill the cups & then get your crafts out and make some small picture frames (with pics of the two of you) and hang them from some ribbon to match the bed. maybe?

    Let me just add here, Sonja hated a light in her house, said "it was ugly and dated and wanted it out!" right after reading the post I saw the same fixture in a better homes and gardens article titled "French Vintage." It made me giggle!

  3. Love how it turned out! I love the color. Thanks for linking! :)

  4. I love your room! It looks so pretty.


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