Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 30

Day 30-A picture and description of how your day was

me, ten minutes ago

My day went like this:

7:00- up, dress for the temple
7:30- feed everyone, stress about leaving the oldest in charge for the second time in 12 hours
8:00- leave for the temple
12:00- home from the temple, everyone is alive.  House is in complete disarray.
12:30- feed everyone
1:00- clean the tornado alley
2:00- put the baby down for a nap and send everyone else off to the dollar movies
2:30- get out my book and sit in the recliner
2:35- snooze
3:15- read a chapter in my book, finally
3:45- check the Halloween candy stash and find a mini Milky Way still there - score!
4:00- search super bowl dip recipes and make shopping list
4:15- my sister calls to tell me they demo'd cake pops at her Michael's Craft store and mine were better
5:00- Niece Sugar comes over to play while I send her mom (another sister- due today with baby #2) out for a date with her hubby
5:15- wonder how two toddlers can fight over 10 baby dolls all at once

and here we are :)

This blog challenge has been so fun.  I have loved having something to write about each day and it has made me think of myself much more discriminately.  Thanks for still reading!


  1. any time!! I like reading your blog...very entertaining!!

  2. Love it! I am already getting in the mood to do it again. I have a jar with 365 questions to write about for your personal history....if I get too desperate I may have to start using that!

  3. I have loved reading should start another one!


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