Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know I've mentioned book club before. Our club consists of  my sisters and I, as well as three more from my sister's husband's side of the family. How thankful I am for the extra push to read books I would not normally choose for myself! It is quite rare that I don't enjoy the book selections.  I love these women, I love our conversations, I love experimenting in different genres, and I definitely love getting out of the house once a month.

Currently I am reading Emma in preparation for our discussion next week.  I promise you I never would have chosen this book if I were just wandering through the library.  I have never read Jane Austen (GASP!).  I'm not really a classics girl.  But I love it so far!  I am a bit over halfway and it's quite comical.  Emma's character is a real piece of work.

So in a nutshell I think reading is not only marvelous, but reading things that are new and different is truly enriching!  It's like flexing my brain muscle.

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  1. I LOVE to read! Once you're done with Emma you should read Persuasion and then Pride and Prejudice. I love them. :)


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