Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crayon roll

Crayon roll 

It's time for another niece's birthday.  I have been eyeing these crayon rolls at Skip to my Lou for some time now.  And for some reason I keep going homemade for the little girls in the fam.

Anyhow, I think these turned out really cute.  First I made one for Rosebud, just in case I made any mistakes.  Didn't want to mess up the gift one.

You need:

2 fabric rectangles 16.5" x 5.5 (one will be the outside, one will be the inner lining
1 fabric rectangle 16.5 x 6.5 (this is folded in half later and will be your pocket)
interfacing or batting (I thought I had some, but I guess not.  I ended up using a piece of thick flannel and it worked)
elastic or ribbon to close

(use 1/4" seams throughout)

Here is the outside.  Iron interfacing to the back or add a piece of felt or flannel to give the roll some extra bulk.

Fold pocket rectangle in half and iron the crease.    Line up raw edge of pocket (folded edge will be on top) with bottom edge of inner lining.  Pin in place.

Here is the pocket piece sewn to the lining.  Sew your first crayon slot 1 1/4" from the edge and then every inch across the whole pocket. 

I added elastic for closing along the side seam.  The tutorial calls for ribbon ties, but I figured they would be pretty tough for a 2 year old.

Sew right sides together.  Leave opening to turn.  Clip corners.

Reach in and grab the ties or elastic, turn right side out.

Poke out corners with a pencil tip or knitting needle.  Iron to get all the edges squared up.

Topstitch all the way around, including the opening you left.

Here you can see my lines for the crayon segments.  (Not exactly straight, but they work!)

Put your crayons in their spots (rainbow order, of course)


My elastic was too long, so I knotted it.  See what I mean about not doing the gift one first?  It will function alright but length aside, I don't actually think the elastic looks great.

Then I made Sugar's version.  I used fun girl colors again along with ribbon to tie this time.

Along with a coloring book it makes a fun gift to give.  They can toss it in the diaper bag or church bag, too since it's so portable.  I think I might try one for older kids by making it taller and using it for colored pencils.

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  1. So cute, she loves it so much, been playing with it all morning.

  2. I have been making these for the last year in the larger size, for color pencils. I love them. They are useful and allow for creativity with fabric choices (we've even done sports teams)! Love your color crayon rolls.


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