Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tricky plans?

So what fun things are you doing for your kids this week?

I have decided on these:

~Tonight we will make our leprechaun trap and maybe will catch a little man tomorrow.  If we're not successful, he will still leave us a pot of "gold" (gold foil-wrapped Reese's minis).

~The living room will be in disarray on St Patrick's Day morning with tables toppled and furniture askew.  Those crazy little leprechauns!

~On Thursday we will wake up to green milk and Lucky Charms for breakfast.

~After school they will find these waiting for them (using Rolos instead of coins): You're My Pot of Gold

~The toilet water might also turn green! 

~I don't know what we're eating yet but our dessert on Thursday will be these cookies and cream cups found here: Oopsey Daisy

Is that enough sugar for one holiday??


  1. Wow, you have a fun week planned! I may have to steal a few ideas!! Enjoy your leprechaun pie!

  2. Thanks Jen! I will be using some of these ideas.

  3. I will be using some of these ideas too! Thanks!

  4. You'll have to post pics, especially of your trap and the living room

  5. How fun!! I tucking these away for next year but I am using the Leprechaun Pie one. Thanks for sharing.


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