Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is what my kids are doing this morning instead of getting ready for school.

I am so happy to have it hooked up and running. I will try to forget the ordeal it was yesterday concerning the plumbing. Let's just say if your house is nearly 30 years old, there might be a small chance your laundry room connections are disintegrated broken and need replaced before the delivery guy is here with your fancy pants machine.

Yay for clean laundry!


  1. That's funny. When we got our new dish washer, they all fought over who got to load it. For about 2 days. Now we're back to who has to load.

  2. He,he,he! My dad did the same thing when my parents got their new washer! Love it!

  3. Glad it all worked out. Who needs tv when you have a washing machine eh?


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