Monday, May 2, 2011

Coach Strider

Strider is coaching soccer at the jr high again.  I don't get the chance to watch him much.  But on a recent dreary spring day there was a game just about 10 minutes from home, so I packed up the kids and went for a few minutes.  I am always in awe of him when he's focused on a task like this, so I snapped a few (dark, cell phone) pics.

Strider loves soccer - but he loves young teens even more.  He understands them in ways that most adults don't.  He sees potential and promise in them.  Just another reason I love him.

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  1. Jen,
    Hi! This is Kim Roberts, your cousin-in-law. I found your blog on the Miller Family blog site. I love reading your blogs. You are way creative and optimistic.
    Way to cheer on your husband. I love hearing people share love and support for their husbands.


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