Monday, May 16, 2011


Potter just finished up a spectacular run of OKLAHOMA! at our local town theatre. Long hours, lots of rehearsals, songs that the whole family cannot stop was an amazing experience that was so worth it.  The cast was full of talent and was quite impressive.  Potter was the youngest and was thrilled to be part of it and learned so much about theatre in the process.

If I enjoyed watching him as Jester in jr high, I was over the moon about watching him do a real show; performing with adults and using choreographers and having lots and lots of people pay to see it over a month's time. 

The show ran 15 times through April and May, and (including a dress rehearsal or two) I was there more than 10 times.  I seriously could not get enough.

Full cast
(he's on the floor just left of center)

After the matinee performance and before closing night we had a quick family celebration at a pizza parlor near the show.

So proud!

He was super emotional after it ended.  He loved it and was sorry to see it go.  We have his aunt to thank for this great experience. My sister Wendy, the choreographer, brought him on board the cast.  They were only looking for ages 16 and up, but shhhh - he's just 13.

Potter with lead "Curly"

And "Laurey"

Fighting tears :(

The little stinker is already talking about his next show...


  1. Jen, he looks so grown up! I am so sorry I missed his performance. Oklahoma is one of my favorite musicals. I can't imagine how fun it was to be a part of it.


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