Monday, June 27, 2011

On my mind today

Here is a blog brain dump.

I sent my oldest off to week-long camp this morning.  I miss him already.  I started crying when we packed his things and I have been emotional since dropping him off.  When I went to girls camp as a youth and my mom was sad to have me gone, I just thought it was because I wasn't around to do chores and stuff.  What a silly girl I was.

We are refinishing our kitchen table (and chairs, too, but that will have to be later). It's taking way longer than expected (what doesn't?) but I'm looking forward to showing you.  In the meantime, it's a borrowed folding table and a mess of an eating area.

I am really getting the itch to decorate the new girls room.  I drove all the way to Joann's to get large paper mache initials for each daughter and they only had one.  The other was sold out.  Bah.

Bugs did a really cool project for the end of year.  The 5th graders were characters in a wax museum last week.  Each student had a "button" in front of them and when you pushed it, they recited their 45 second monologue on a chosen favorite American.  He was Babe Ruth and I got a real kick out of him.  He never broke character, either! 

The check engine light came on today in the van.  Again.

Rosebud went to Urgent Care last night with a sprained/bruised/kinked wrist.  Her brothers were being a little rough with her. She was in a lot of pain from it.  We were just glad it wasn't broken.  Today she is thankfully doing better. 

We added a pair of guppies and a couple dwarf Oto catfishes to the mollies we have in our tank.  They are such a joy to watch!  (Not so easy to photograph, though)

I got a FREE ipod touch.  Strider and the other teachers at his work were given them and he already has one.  So he gave it to me!!! (It may or may not be the reason I have been so sparse with my blogging.  Playing around on it is so dang much fun.  Anybody want to match up on Words with Friends?)

I am getting gray so fast, it's ridiculous.  I am now coloring every month.  I wish I could afford more than just a box - I bet it would last longer.

Just a little peek, as it deserves its own post.  I'm rockin' the 4th of July decor! It's got to be the best holiday ever.  Here are some links of cool printable decorations and craft ideas-
July 4th stuff:
Let Freedom Ring Download

Land of the Free Download

Red White and Blue all over

Lots on my mind this week, as ...


comes home in about 30 hours (his plane from Africa is already in the air!).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bees game

We had a fun time at an impromptu family outing a week ago. Strider came home and said that we should check out dates that we might be able to use our Bees vouchers for (from Jedi playing ball and him coaching). He pulled up the schedule online and said "how about tonight?"

We packed everyone up and headed to the box office.

The Bees got down early in the game, but pulled ahead in the 8th inning.  It was fun!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crayon roll revisited

I made another crayon roll last week for another niece turning two!

I wanted to add a monogram this time

I really, really love working with felt and embroidery floss.  So relaxing to me!

Happy B-day, Sam!!

End of year interviews - Third Grade


I am really good at: Reading

I like to: Play

My favorite thing to learn at school: Math

1 person who makes me laugh: Potter

One word that describes me: Funny

I am really happy when: I am with my family

I am really sad when: I lose something

My favorite book: Harry Potter

My favorite TV show: Phineas and Ferb

My favorite vacation: Idaho

I like school when: we do activities

I don't like school when: we do a lot of work

My favorite season: Summer

My favorite toy: Nintendo DSi

My worst nightmare: someone dying

Things that make me mad: when I can't play outside

Favorite sport: Baseball

I like my Dad because: He does a lot for me

I like my Mom because:  She does a lot for me

I like my family because: they love me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of year interviews - Kindergarten


I am really good at: doing my schoolwork

I like to: write

My favorite thing to learn at school:  about trees and plants

1 person who makes me laugh:  Jane

One word that describes me: caring

I am really happy when: school is over

I am really sad when: I was in the hospital

My favorite book: Junie B. Jones books

My favorite TV show: Horseland

My favorite vacation: hiking with Grandpa

I like school when: friends play with me

I don't like school when:  friends are mean to me

My favorite season: summer

My favorite toy: horse

My worst nightmare: when I was in a graveyard and a vampire came out 

Things that make me mad: when someone plays with my toys when I say no

Favorite sport: soccer

I like my Dad because: he's nice to me and he loves me

I like my Mom because: she makes us dinner every night

I like my family because: they play with me

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Growing up

It's a strange thing watching your child grow into a real person.  As we draw another year of school to a close I realize he and I have learned much along the way.  There have been bumps and bruises but also laughs and joy.  We have a deeper respect for one another (I think).  I admire the trials he faces each day in the big bad world of middle school.  And I think he is beginning to see that mom isn't totally crazy.  There are reasons for the rules I set and the requests I make of him.

To show my appreciation for the good boy he is I decided we should have a party on the last day of school.  It was a BIG DEAL!  And we had a blast.

My brother said you provide music, food, and friends - they will entertain themselves just fine.

Potter is a pretty cool kid.  Even though we are different in many ways I'm glad we get to navigate these teen years together.

Monday, June 6, 2011


So after our last soccer game at the rec center we released our Painted Lady butterflies that we raised from caterpillars.  It was so much fun.  I was really surprised at how difficult it was to get them out of their habitat, though!  I thought once we opened it, they'd be outta there.  Not so much.  Each and every one needed a couple minutes of coaxing to fly on their own. 

I highly recommend this nature project!