Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of year interviews - Kindergarten


I am really good at: doing my schoolwork

I like to: write

My favorite thing to learn at school:  about trees and plants

1 person who makes me laugh:  Jane

One word that describes me: caring

I am really happy when: school is over

I am really sad when: I was in the hospital

My favorite book: Junie B. Jones books

My favorite TV show: Horseland

My favorite vacation: hiking with Grandpa

I like school when: friends play with me

I don't like school when:  friends are mean to me

My favorite season: summer

My favorite toy: horse

My worst nightmare: when I was in a graveyard and a vampire came out 

Things that make me mad: when someone plays with my toys when I say no

Favorite sport: soccer

I like my Dad because: he's nice to me and he loves me

I like my Mom because: she makes us dinner every night

I like my family because: they play with me

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