Monday, July 11, 2011

Returned with honor

Waiting for Uncle Matt to get off the plane

Strider was the first to spot him.

Trying to get Rosebud to not hate him

Then fast forward four days, when Potter is finally back from scout camp and gets to greet him as well.

He surprised me with his emotions.  It was a tender moment.

Matt, we're so glad to have you back!

End of year interviews - Fifth grade


I am really good at: math

I like to: swim and play with water

My favorite thing to learn at school: science

1 person who makes me laugh: my dad

One word that describes me: talkative

I am really happy when: my dad does things with me

I am really sad when: I am left out of things

My favorite book: Leven Thumps

My favorite TV show: Suite Life

My favorite vacation: Idaho

I like school when: we have P.E.

I don't like school when: a lot of people talk and we have extra assignments

My favorite season: fall

My favorite toy: PSP

My worst nightmare: my dad got his leg cut off

Things that make me mad: when my brothers hit me

Favorite sport: football

I like my Dad because: he is funny

I like my Mom because:  she cooks for me

I like my family because: they love me

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Land that I love

Oh my heck, do I LOVE the 4th of July.

I said my decor needed its own post, so here is a patriotic tour.

My shelf that changes seasonally

I did this flag craft with my sister in law and I love it.  My sisters admired it, so we made them for their homes as well.

A paper 'firework' banner

The coffee table with a tub of Americana reads

One of the end tables

Other end table

My favorite piece; it's from my brother in law.  Does he know me or what?

Sweet tub (from the thrift store) next to the comfy chair for all the other books we are currently reading

Speaking of books, here are some of the seasonal ones we love:

Whatever your plans this weekend, stay safe and I hope you are having fun!  I know I will be :)