Saturday, July 2, 2011

Land that I love

Oh my heck, do I LOVE the 4th of July.

I said my decor needed its own post, so here is a patriotic tour.

My shelf that changes seasonally

I did this flag craft with my sister in law and I love it.  My sisters admired it, so we made them for their homes as well.

A paper 'firework' banner

The coffee table with a tub of Americana reads

One of the end tables

Other end table

My favorite piece; it's from my brother in law.  Does he know me or what?

Sweet tub (from the thrift store) next to the comfy chair for all the other books we are currently reading

Speaking of books, here are some of the seasonal ones we love:

Whatever your plans this weekend, stay safe and I hope you are having fun!  I know I will be :)

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  1. Happy 4th! I was at school one summer and was able to enjoy the 4th. It was awesome. I love Canada Day (July 1st) too. Sadly I have no decor. You have cute stuff.


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