Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to school


Yes, we are alive. It's just summer. Sort of.

Since my kids are year round, they didn't get out of school till July 1. I'm a mean mom, and for various reasons changed their tracks for this year. Unfortunately they moved from the track that got out latest, to the track that started soonest. So with barely a moment to breathe they went back for a new school year a week ago. There was no vacation this year. No special outings. We did go to the pool a couple times. That's something, right?  In my defense, Strider is teaching summer school this year, so none of us really got a break.

So, here are our traditional first day pictures, always in the same spot so I can look at past years and see how tall they've grown against that door :)

Bugs getting ready to rule the school in sixth grade.

Mr Jedi growing like a weed and ready for fourth grade.  My baby boy in 4th!!

And the little girl who was a kindergartener just three weeks ago...

Princess is thrilled about her clothes and her backpack.  She insisted you all see it.

Our family walk to the school. 

Ready to head inside.

Checking in with her teacher.

Ready to go!!

I think she looks slightly nervous in this last pic, but she did great that day, and all week.  I have never seen someone so excited to go each day.  Is it because she's my first girl?  She adjusted quickly and perfectly to full-day class, to lunch, to all of it.  She's awesome.

That first day Rosebud asked me every five minutes where the kids were.  She cried for quite a while when we walked back in the house from dropping them off.  She is doing better though. 

 Now it's me at home with the oldest and the youngest.  Pretty funny combo.  It's good for them to be able to grow a little closer.  They get lots of time together for a couple weeks.

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  1. Glad to see your still alive, you've been missed! I miss year round school, there are days (like today) when I am ready for some peace and quiet :)


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