Friday, August 26, 2011


I have had a grumpy, sad, blah-feeling last couple weeks. Time to focus on my blessings.

~I'm thankful that my husband has a job he loves.  Heck, in these times I'm glad he has a job at all.

~I'm thankful for his constant help with bath time, bed times, sick kids, remembering medication schedules, etc.  He is the other part of my brain.

~I'm thankful that my boys are into scouting and that it gives them worthy, attainable goals in their busy lives.

~I'm thankful for food in the house.

~I'm thankful for internet/twitter that keep me a tiny bit in touch with my sister, whose phone doesn't work in Omaha :(

~I'm thankful that the strep that has run through half the family hasn't hit me full blown.  My body keeps threatening to get feverish and I'm achy some of the time, but there's not much of a bite when I swallow.  I'm staying hopeful.

~I'm thankful for a couple football practice games this weekend.

~I'm thankful to get Princess into the Asthma Clinic at Primary Children's.  They decided to put her on daily meds and I hope she will feel a lot better now overall.  This is a picture before school today.  She got dressed and said, "Mom, I look so cute; can we take a picture". 

~I'm thankful that Rosebud is fully, completely potty trained.  Including night.  I have never ever had a kid potty train day and night together.  We have always needed pull-ups at night for a couple years with the others.  This is a huge, huge blessing!

~I'm thankful for the box of Tasykakes my mom brought from PA for me when I gave her a ride home from the airport last week. I am savoring them.

Speaking of food...
THIS post on I Heart Naptime called Delicious Desserts just about made me pass out after reading it.  Really, go read it.


  1. Oh Jen! Why did you have to post that dessert recipe? Why, oh why? Now I HAVE to try it. My mouth is seriously watering right now. :0 It looks so good!

  2. Jen, I hope you know you are one of my favorite people. I think you are awesome, and when you complimented me the other day I seriously thought "wow, she thinks that about me?" that truely made my week.
    It was good to see you this week. twice.

  3. You are amazing....will always love you:) Now that dessert looks amazing! And I love your daughters cowgirl boots...too cute


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