Friday, September 23, 2011

4 posts?

4 posts for the month of September? Four??

It's not like I'm not doing anything. I just really have nothing to say. At one time I was having subjects for blog posts that would stream through my head. Now I just draw a blank.

I will tell you something that has been occupying my mind lately; my living room. It's making me crazy. Driving me nuts. The colors. The outdated-ness. Blah.

There are many things I wish I could change about our living arrangements but I can't do anything about most of them. What I can control is the mood and feel of my home. I love love love home and all it means. I love the comfort and the feeling of belonging and good food and warmth and coziness.

But I am over maroon.
I am over orangey pine tables.
I am over plaid.
I am over beige walls.

I dream of COLOR!  Cool, calming, fresh color.  It was time to get my thoughts out there and organized.  Time to play!

I first heard of Olioboard on this site:

Boy, is it fun to create with.

I put together this design board of my wishes.   I also included things on there that we already have, and need to stay.  Like the dark brown leather chair and ottoman.  Need to work around those.  The pine tables - I can paint or change them, but I can't buy new.  Things like that.

There's just a teensy weensy problem.  My budget is about $150 for the the couch and not a lot more for the rest (not including paint; I'm making Strider buy me that).  Yeah, I know.  A little improbable.  But with classifieds and patient do-it-myslef-ing I think I can make my wishes come true.

I want a pale blue wall.  A lighter, neutral sofa.  Keeeping in mind the brown leather we have to work with, what do you think of a two-tone couch like in the pic?   If we move the aquarium downstairs I have room for a tiny entry table or bench.  What should I do with the tables?  Paint, glaze, stain, distress...? 



  1. I vote paint the tables. And I will also help you paint. :-) I also am starting to love mix and match tables so you could always check goodwill/classifieds for a different, sturdy end/coffee table.

  2. You have amazing classified ad finding skills! I still am reminded of your reading nook chair and your bed comforter set. You can do it! Love the two-toned couch idea in keeping with the chair you already have. Good luck!


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