Monday, September 26, 2011

Measuring cups organized

I have wonderful OXO measuring cups that I really do like.  I have gone thru various sets during my marriage but these have lasted the longest.  One problem, the painted measurement markings have worn off and I have to guess what size they are.  I'm pretty proficient in the kitchen and can eyeball things well, but when I'm in a hurry I don't want to stop to make sure my 1/2 cup isn't really a 2/3 cup by mistake.

I saw some blogs recently that have made a rack for inside their cupboard door to hold/label their cups and I knew it would be great for me.

Here is the cupboard where they are kept.

Step 1:  Fit a piece of wood to the inside cabinet opening

Step 2: Line up your cups and place a pencil mark where each hook will go

Step 3: Screw in your cup hooks.  Make sure they're big enough.  (My first ones weren't).

Step 4: Try it out

You may wonder why I don't have a spot for my 1 cup measure - it's because it's kept in the sugar canister.  I have another 1 cup in my flour.  It's just convenient that way.

Step 5: Label!  This is a great excuse to break out the label maker.  I love my Brother P-Touch.

Ta-da!  Hang with foam mounting squares and you're done.



  1. This is also a great excuse to buy me some measuring cups, haha!

  2. Looks great and useful! I love organizing tips in the kitchen.


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