Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kid Friendly Dessert

Well, of course dessert is kid friendly!  But the kids can actually make this one too.  All by themselves.  No oven.  No burning themselves or the kitchen counters.

Cookies & Milk Dessert

1 package of store bought chocolate chip cookies (Chips Ahoy)
1 large cool whip (16 oz), thawed

Dip each cookie in milk and then arrange a single layer in the bottom of a deep glass dish (mine was a 10x7x3 Pyrex).  Scoop out 1/3 of the cool whip and carefully spread over cookie layer.  Repeat, using all the cookies and cool whip.  I did three layers of each, ending with the cool whip.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 3 hours, but up to overnight.  I didn't know what to expect with this one but it was very good.  We totally loved it.  And this summer Utah weather that is lasting into fall made it a great dessert for the heat as well.

We barely had any left!

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